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Now that you’ve got your light back following Spark, you won’t be able to unlock the next mission until you complete an adventure given to you by Devrim Kay, a vendor you can find at the peak of the church in Trostland (you can’t miss it).

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 Destiny 2 - EDZ: Combustion 

Level Recommendation: Level 3, Power Rating 30

Entitled A New Frontier, he’ll ask you to explore the European Dead Zone as he covers your back from above. Do this, and you can finally get going on the next chapter in Destiny 2’s campaign. 

Starting back at the church, Combustion asks you to delve into the EDZ salt mines, by heading through an entrance found opposite the rear side of the church. This is the first “real” story mission in Destiny 2 - in that you have all or most of your weapons and powers all the way through. So feel free to practice on the mob of Fallen that starts between you and the tunnel entrance directly in front of where the mission starts.

When you’re done, follow the overgrown terrain until you hit your first open area. You’ll glimpse a few Dregs scurrying beneath the giant “Salzwerk” sign, which is exactly where you need to go. Don’t be surprised when a Wretch falls from the ceiling as you get there, and just melee that sucker before proceeding.

The next room is another open area, but this time the Dregs won’t run away. You’ll need to kill them all - plus a few more Wretches - to trigger the next sequence. Follow the metal stairs to your left up to the room’s sole bit of high ground. Most of the enemies stick to the lower level, so once you kill the lone Vandal guarding the vantage point you can pick the rabble off from above.

Once they're gone, you can activate the panel that will call a rusty elevator that will bring you to Hawthorne. Or it would... If it wasn’t broken. Look to your right for a similarly dilapidated gate and hit its panel instead. 

Follow the service tunnel while keeping to the left. Next is another open area and we should all know what that means by now: more Fallen. The only real threat among them is a standard Captain. So ready some Arc damage to pop his shield quickly. If you’re completely out of Arc weapons or powers, he spawns near enough to an exploding barrel that you might be able to use that instead.

Head through the small doorway toward the back-right corner of the room, as if you were still coming from the second gate. There’s a pit that you need to fall into and doing so will trigger Combustion’s first Restricted Zone. So no more free revives from here on out. Push on through the cavern.

There’s a sniper rifle just sitting on the ground, right past the part where you’ll have to crouch to proceed. If you don’t already have a better one, this might come in handy. Because the very next room is a huge, spiraling pit with enemies on all sides. You can use the sniper rifle to pick them off from the top, or test your luck by spelunking straight to the bottom. Just watch out for the Vandals with sniper rifles of their own at the pit’s very underbelly.

From the bottom, continue down the path until you spy a red laser light. This is a Fallen trip mine that will, shockingly, explode if you try to walk through it. The device itself is visible on the right-hand side of the door, however, so just tag it from a distance to proceed. The same principle applies in the next room, which is full of the explosives. Just shoot the one in the bottom left-hand corner to trigger a chain reaction. 

You’ll be directed toward a second elevator to Hawthorne. This one is functional, but once you switch it on Fallen will start pouring into the room.

It’s mostly just Dregs and Vandals at first, but Servitors will also spill in from nooks on either side of the tunnel. You want to get the high ground, here, so as not to get pinned down by their explosive blasts. Just don’t get too close to the equally explosive red barrels lining the room. While you’re at it, save your Super ability or some power weapon ammo for what comes next.

What does come next is Kiriks-16: a Servitor miniboss flanked by an army of Shanks. One good Super, or at least some power weapon shots, should nix him quickly. And once he’s gone, you can proceed into the elevator: no need to mop up the remaining Shanks.

In fact, once you’re in the elevator, enemies will begin flooding into the room. They can technically hit you, but not well enough to pose any serious threat. Feel free to ignore them. That said, the Shanks that float up to your rising cage are easy one-hit-kills - and therefore not a bad source of free XP.

Once the elevator stops it’s a straight shot down the verdant cliff to Hawthorne. After the cutscene that plays, you’ll be told the moon of Titan - along with your next mission, Hope - is available.

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Next mission - Titan: Hope

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