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After killing Reksis Vahn in Target: The Hangman, your Guardian is out for more Baron blood, specifically that of the Mindbender. Activate the beacon on the Tangled Shore to kick off the Adventure. 

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: The Mindbender

Your mission waypoint will direct you to the Mindbender's lair, where Hive adds are being hypnotised by his totems. Destroy the totems keeping these Hive mobs catatonic and immune, before taking them out as soon as they're free to start firing back at you. 

At this point, you'll be asked to repel the oncoming waves of Hive in the area while your Ghost scans a nearby point of interest: simple stuff that any Guardian can handle. Completing this objective will allow you to progress on through the area, dealing with more Hive as you go (including an Ogre - beware the laser beam!).

Your marker will take you to an amplifier, which requires disabling in the same way as The Mad Bomber's mines of the last mission; standing in its outlined circle and waiting for the meter to reach 100%, while defending the vicinity from Hive and Scorn. The area is up high, and filled with disconnected structures, so try not to fall off and slow down the disabling process. 

You'll then be guided further into the Mindbender's lair, as directed by the marker, and more of those hypnotising totems will need destroying to free (and kill) the nearby Hive mobs. Not every enemy will be hypnotised, though, and the further into the cavern you go, the more Scorn will show up to defend their master. 

You'll soon reach the Mindbender, who's in a large, Restricted Zone chamber, ready to fight.. except, after a few shots, he'll demand you follow him through a portal to the Ascendant Realm, where the real battle takes place. 

This is a dark, open zone, and the boss is able to teleport freely within it, firing off giant laser projectiles and deploying shield totems frequently, that'll need destroying if you plan to do any real damage to his exterior. There are edges to the arena, so be careful not to fall off and accidentally kill yourself, because that would be a really annoying way to die. 

Every now and again, Hiraks will resort back through his portal to recuperate, which gives you the opportunity to take out any of his Scorn minions before he returns. Watch out for that charged laser of his by staying above the ground as much as possible, where its splash damage impact is less likely to harm you. 

Stick to this strategy, and the Mindbender will soon be defeated, but be sure to escape his destabilising realm before it depletes all of your health. So Hiraks won't be bending more minds anytime soon. The final baron Adventure is next on the list, as Pirrha demands a fight in Target: The Rifleman (opens in new tab)

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