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In the last Baron Adventure, Target: The Mad Bomber, Kaniks bit the bullet, and another one in the chamber awaits for the fourth baron, Reksis Vahn. Activate his Adventure beacon on The Tangled Shore to begin the quest. 

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: The Hangman

Scan the drained Servitor at your marker before following the waypoint to The Cobble, where you'll need to free one of Spider's Servitors by killing the surrounding Scorn and interacting with its prison cage. Do the latter objective first, as the free Servitor will help you fight the Scorn once liberated. 

More of these Fallen robot spheres need saving though, so head to the next one on your marker, and do the same thing for the following four prisoners. There'll be Fallen and Scorn in the open area that the remaining Servitors are scattered across, but the mob concentrations are fairly low, so this part of the mission shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Do watch out for those Deranged Abominations, a miniboss fight the Hangman's Jailer, and a brief cameo from the level's end boss, the Hangman himself. 

When all five Servitors are freed, you'll be directed into the Hangman's lair, where more Servitors will be fighting the good fight alongside you and against the Scorn within. And there are a lot of Scorn within, of every type, so don't expect a cakewalk despite the added help. Pressing on through the slums will end you up at the Restricted Zone boss fight with the Hangman, who's a fairly straightforward enemy to take down. 

This guy is all about fire and close quarters combat, slamming down his lantern to deal massive shockwaves that ripple across the entire arena, creating plumes and pillars of fire in the process, which you ought to avoid. He's pretty fast for a big guy, too, so don't let his size catch you off guard. Whenever Fikrul's weapon gets stuck in the ground, that's your cue to go all in with whatever you have, until he's back in action again. 

There will also be Scorn adds here, though not as many as usual, so pick them off (alongside the Corrupted Chieftan minibosses) when the Hangman retreats for a breather before focusing as much firepower as possible (preferably from a long range distance) whenever he shows up again. And that's another day, another baron dead. The fifth and penultimate baron, Hiraks, awaits your arrival in Target: The Mindbender.

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