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Four-Horn Gulch has been reclaimed in High Plains Blues, but your Guardian's journey in Forsaken is far from over. Before you can officially start Scorned, you'll need to earn the Spider's trust by completing five of his daily bounties in the Tangled Shore, so make sure you've done that before returning to him and Petra to begin the mission.

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: Scorned

The first thing you'll be asked to do is to transmat Spider's caches in the Gulch, which is a simple case of running up to their positions (highlighted by your waypoint) and interacting with them, taking out the surrounding Scorn for good measure. Easy stuff so far. 

There'll be dozens of mobs to contend with, but Spider's Fallen allies should lighten the burden for you somewhat. Once the caches are transmatted, you can get to work on assaulting the Barons' hideout. 

One of them will even briefly show up just outside of the hideout alongside some of his Scorn minions, firing off grenades to anyone near his purview, but a few well placed shots should send him retreating back into his lair. 

You'll need to follow him in, where Scorn Lurkers, Raiders, and Ravagers await. Lurkers' shields are completely immune to shrapnel, so try an explosive weapon like your newly acquired combat bow to get around that tricky technicality. 

Your waypoint will show you towards another one of Spider's caches for transmitting, at which point more of his Fallen will spawn in to help you out. Press on through, and you'll meet The Rifleman: another Baron boss who'll try to snipe you from afar, but retreat further backwards whenever you get too close. 

If you have a long range sniper, now's a great time to use it to keep eating away at his health, but watch out for the adds of Scorn in between him and you, who will need dealing with via a more close range weapon if you're looking to stay alive. Eventually, the Rifleman will dissapear and another cache can be transmitted, spawning in yet more Fallen help from Spider. 

In the next room are more Scorn and a Scorn Walker, a modified version of the Fallen Walkers any Guardian will be familiar with. This one will fire homing rockets at regular intervals while spewing out fire at close range, so prioritise long range shots over getting in too close to comfort. Pro tip: there's two Scorch Cannons in the vicinity that can be picked up to deal serious damage to the Walker with ease, so don't pass on those. 

When it's below half health, the Walker will intermittently surround itself with a shield impervious to any fire, but you can just walk through it to land some heavy damage while its out of action and attempting to repair itself, so long as you get rid of the regularly spawning Ravagers at the same time. 

With the Walker down, you're able to push further into the hideout, at the end of which is a Restricted Zone, and another Spider Cache. Interact with it, and you'll discover it's a booby trap, followed by an ambush against a moderate wave of Scorn, including a few Chieftan mini bosses. Stay on your toes (avoiding those dastardly Skreeb), use your super if its ready, and move on to the final area. 

There'll be some light platforming here, followed by an encounter with The Hangman, a giant Ravager Baron with a lantern that can lay down pillars of fire whenever it hits the ground. The good news is he doesn't stick around for long, and will actually disappear once you progress a certain threshold in the fighting zone, letting you press on to the last skirmish. 

After some more dodging more fire traps ahead, you'll have to kill the Scorn of the Fanatic, a boss capable of placing traps, launching fire attacks, and spawning in waves of adds to assist him. Deal with his fire and shield totems as soon as he creates them, use any high power artillery you have, and use the large fighting arena to your advantage, and you'll have him dead in no time. 

You've met some of the barons and scattered them from their hideout, completing the mission, so it's only right to being pursuing them in any order you wish. We recommend taking them out in the order outlined in this Forsaken campaign guide, based on power level recommendations, starting with the first, Yaviks, in Target: The Rider.

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