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You defeated Xol's Herald in Strange Terrain, but the monster itself has begun to attack Rasputin, and you need to stop it.

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Destiny 2 Warmind - Mars: Will of the Thousands

You'll be staying on Mars for this mission, so venture to the mission beacon and activate it to start up. Deploy your sparrow and follow the mission waypoint along the outskirts of Braytech Futurescape, where Hive Knights, Acolytes, and Adherents will be peppered around the landscape. 

You'll find yourself heading into yet another subterranean network, where you'll have to interact with a highlighted control panel to open a vent and destroy its core by shooting at it. 

This will open a door ahead, and keep on pushing through - killing Hive as you go - to reach another vent and control panel that your ghost will need to investigate. At this point, you'll be asked to defend the control panel from a Hive onslaught (including a wizard) while Ana gets to work on opening the vent. 

After a few minutes, the vent will open and you can pump a few bullets in to destroy it, before moving on to the next area guided by your waypoint. You'll come across yet another control panel that needs activating and a vent that needs destroying, but there's no wave defence bit this time so its fairly straightforward stuff. 

The next area is packed with Hive mobs, but Ana will soon boot up a Valkyrie station for you to pick up and use as a Power weapon, like you did in Warmind's first mission. You'll need to destroy one final vent at the end of this room, and move on to tackle huge numbers of Hive beyond the next door, Valkyrie in hand.

This weapon doesn't make you invulnerable, so don't go crazy aggressive, but make adept use of the Valkyrie's ranged and close quarters area-of-effect attacks to clear up the adds with relative ease. 

Moving on will land you in a restricted zone boss fight against the Will of the Thousands, a giant worm creature with serious levels of health and damage capabilities. It has two attack types; firing a laser beam across the entire arena, or tunnelling towards you in a straight line. The latter attack can kill you in one hit, so make sure you're paying attention to his direction to avoid it at all costs. 

The worm will also spawn in Hive adds every now and again, but Ana will provide a Valkyrie station for you to do some serious damage to both of them. Aim for its mouth to score the best critical hits, and you'll be able to defeat the boss competently, though do remember that you only get one life to do so before the whole fight restarts. 

Upon killling the Will of the Thousands, the mission will come to an end, and so too does Warmind's main campaign.

Congratulations! Go speak to Ana on Mars, and the Zavala at the tower to collect your reward; a brand new piece of exotic equipment!

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