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Destiny 2's Adieu follows on from opening mission Homecoming, and sees your Guardian searching for their Ghost while adapting to the new conditions found in the EDZ.

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Destiny 2 - EDZ: Adieu

So, your home has been destroyed, your light’s been stolen, and you’ve just been chucked out the tower with not even a ghost for a companion. What happens next?

Adieu begins with your Guardian looking dishevelled and on the brink of death, so stumble your way through the rubble as the Cabal patrol overhead.

Keep moving forward, and you’ll soon find your ghost, which puts the game back into regular first-person mode. From there, proceed onward - you can't double jump, but you can mantle the ledge ahead of you - and follow the path into the rural outskirts beyond the city until you come across an outpost, littered with dead Guardians and an SMG that you can pick up.

Don’t worry about your ghost telling you he won’t be able to revive you anymore, you’ll just restart at the nearest checkpoint if you die. Good thing too, as you’ll need to deal with a pack of warbeasts beyond the outpost - try to keep your distance from them as you shoot, as they’re only really a major threat when engaged up close.

Keep following the lay of the land until you reach a clearing, where you’ll stumble upon some more warbeasts and even a few Cabal, but that’ll be the last of them for this mission. 

Beyond the clearing will be some light platforming across a ravine, but I’m afraid to say that you’re eventually going to fall down, as this will trigger a cutscene (say hello to Suraya Hawthorne) that leads to you to the farm - Destiny 2’s big social space. 

Now is the time to say your hellos to all the nearby NPCs (the postmaster, archivist etc) before starting the next mission: Spark.

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Next mission - EDZ: Spark

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