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Moving swiftly on from A Deadly Trial, the Curse of Osiris campaign sees us return to Mercury to open that blasted gateway we originally came across in the first mission.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris - Mercury: Beyond Infinity 

Walk up to the gateway in front of you and keep going to reach the Vestibule. Some light platforming will be required here but nothing too challenging. 

Upon reaching the peak of a long drop, there’ll be a circular platform you need to step into before shooting at another one of those strange glowing cubes in front. 

Once that’s done, venture up to the triangular door above you, during which reflections of Osiris will chat away in the background. 

This will take you to the Infinite Forest, where you must platform along a series of floating zones, each one filled with randomly generated enemy types.

There’ll be a tall, translucent door at the end of each stage, and opening them will spawn in the next (usually more challenging) zone to progress through. Keep following this pattern until you find yourself at a giant cylindrical building, which you need to head inside of. 

Osiris will show you a vision of Mercury in the past; listen to his spiel before moving through the gateway he opens for you. 

From there, it’s back to the Infinite Forest, and the rinse and repeat process with the hovering platforms and doors must be undertaken once again, with more random enemy types to contend with.

At the end of it, there’ll be yet another cylindrical tower with yet another Osiris vision awaiting you inside. However, this will trigger a Restricted Zone, but Osiris will provide you with a portal to present day Mercury before any enemies can even touch you, so long as you’re quick about it. 

With that, the mission will come to a close, and you can make the transition to The Tower in order to kick off the next campaign chapter - Deep Storage

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