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Well, would you look at that! Sacrilege brought Ikora back into the fold. Unfortunately, there are still problems to be solved on Io before we can begin to fight Ghaul.

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Destiny 2 - Io: Fury

Level Recommendation: Power Level 120

Between the previous mission and this one, you’ll get to meet Asher Mir. He doesn’t seem like the nicest fella, but he’ll let you select one free Exotic weapon before continuing. Snag the gun and head southeast to your mission marker.

Like so many missions, Fury begins with an extended stroll. Just follow the objective markers and enjoy the scenery. Along the way, one thing in particular should catch your eye: a Cabal interceptor launchpad. Activate it to grab yourself one of the heavy vehicles before proceeding.

Eventually your quest marker will finally lead to some action. Taken and Vex are duking it out in front of a Cabal firebase. Now, you could fight your way through them, using the confusion to your advantage. With the interceptor, however, you have the option to just boost through the battle, up to the base’s front door.

Whatever you decide, follow your marker deeper inside. Some radio chatter will play right before a Restricted Zone warning appears. By now you should know that means trouble and trouble, in this case, means a Vex ambush immediately behind you. Use Void damage to dispatch any Minotaurs. Then prioritize the sniping Hobgoblins. Their damage is high enough to be a nasty surprise.

Continue to follow your marker, hit the switch it leads you to, and proceed outside of the firebase. Despite a second Restricted Zone alert, you won’t see any more enemies until you reach the underground Excavation Site II. 

Inside are more Taken, including a Taken Centurion. He’s just your garden variety shielded grunt, but arc damage will clean him up real quick. Remember that you can shoot down his heat-seeking, spherical projectiles before they reach you - if he manages to launch one at all.

Press on through a handful of Taken until you reach a wide-open storage area. Taken Minotaurs are peppered throughout the usual suspect. These suckers will turn invisible, given enough time, so try not to forget about them until they’re right on top of you. They’ll become visible if a Taken Goblin buffs them, but also invincible. So prioritize those weaker foes if they start shielding the big guys. 

The quest will carry you deeper into the complex. A Taken Wizard and her infinitely spawning Shadow Thralls will greet you at the bottom. Ignore the small fries and use energy weapons (preferably Void) to stop the flow at its source.

More Taken and some Vex are duking it out in the next room. The chief threats are another Taken Wizard and a Hydra. The Wizard takes priority, thanks to its Shadow Thralls. The rest should be easy to deal with. Just remember that Hydras must be targeted between their rotating shields. Of course, you can bypass those by jumping and raining down grenades.

Carry on to the mission’s centerpiece: a massive drill and quarry at the heart of the facility. Vex and Taken will pop up across the massive area, but feel free to ignore them. Your mission marker will guide you to a switch in need of flipping. The drill will lift enough for you to jump down into the hole it made.

Play follow the marker - through Taken Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Minotaurs - to one last switch. This triggers the appearance of Modular Upsilon, the final boss of the mission, and some additional foot soldiers.

Upsilon may be large, but he works just like any other Taken Minotaur. He goes “invisible,” but is too large and shimmery to really disappear. 

His only trick is summoning Upsilon Sigma units as bodyguards. These are basically Taken Goblins, shielding their master. Destroy them first, periodically circling the room to clear away adds, and take shots at Upsilon in between. His high health can make this a long fight, but it’s pretty straightforward.

And with that (plus a good chunk of cutscenes), we’re done on Io! Next up, the Red War drags us back to the EDZ for more vehicle-centric carnage in Payback.

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