Destiny 2 foolishly tried to nerf Telesto but only made it more powerful

Destiny 2
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Reset the clock: Bungie issued another Destiny 2 Telesto fix in its latest update, and presumably in retaliation, the infamous Exotic fusion rifle broke PvP yet again.

Bungie has disabled and patched Telesto countless times over the years. We've seen infinite ammo, infinite Supers, instantaneous activity clears, and everything in between. It's gotten to the point that the weapon is now regarded as an otherworldly entity that can, at best, be temporarily contained before the Telesto bug timer is inevitably updated yet again. 

The latest fix, aptly titled "The most recent one about Telesto", was ironically meant to get ahead of future problems by changing the nature of the gun's game-breaking projectiles. Telesto apparently didn't like that. 

As of the latest update, Telesto's sticky projectiles can no longer be attached to allies like decorative lights, nor can they be shot and destroyed if you stick them on floors or walls. They also don't persist as long in the environment, though they'll still detonate like normal when enemies get close. Together, these changes address the root cause of several previous Telesto exploits. Foolproof, right? 

Foolproof, maybe, but not Telesto-proof. 

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As Twitter user Hive_Thrall demonstrated in a short video, Telesto's projectiles not only can't be shot, they outright block other projectiles, including Super attacks from the likes of Sunbreaker Titans and Daybreak Warlocks. By laying down a web of Telesto pellets, you could effectively mitigate incoming Super attacks, totally shutting down many roaming Supers in PvP. Even for Telesto, this is new territory: a special weapon kneecapping the strongest abilities in the game. What will Telesto think of next?

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