Destiny 2 director reassures players expansion content won't be sunset

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Bungie has clarified its approach to sunsetting content in Destiny 2 going forward.

Last week during the Destiny 2 Lightfall reveal event, Bungie proclaimed there would be "no more expansion sunsetting" for the shooter. The developer had formerly taken expansions like Warmind and Curse of Osiris out of Destiny 2 entirely, but promised expansions like The Witch Queen would be sticking around forever.

Now, Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn has clarified the developer's approach to what they will and won't take out of the game. In the tweet below, in response to Forbes writer Paul Tassi, Blackburn clarifies that Bungie has "no plans/desires to vault content aside from the yearly rotation of seasons."

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In other words, Blackburn has doubled down on Bungie's pledge not to remove any more expansion-related content from Destiny 2 going forward. However, the developer stresses that seasonal-based content like the new Season of Plunder, and all its associated content, will eventually be rotated out of the ongoing game.

It's important to note that Bungie never promised seasonal content wouldn't be vaulted in the future. It's equally important to remember that taking seasonal content out of a live service game like Destiny 2 is a perfectly normal part of live service game development, as new seasonal content breathes fresh life into games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and many others.

So Destiny 2 players can breathe easy knowing future expansions will stick around for good. That includes the Lightfall expansion, which Bungie revealed last week will be arriving early next year on February 28, boasting a brand new campaign as standard, as well as the new Strand subclass and the Tormenter enemy type.

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