Destiny 2: Beyond Light is the highest-earning game on Steam right now… and the second highest-earning, too

Destiny 2 Beyond Light review in progress
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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is currently the highest-earning game on PC… and the second-highest, too.

Astonishingly, the new expansion also takes a third place in last week's biggest earning games PC top ten – the number one spot is for the Deluxe Edition, the second is the expansion and season pass, whilst the expansion without any of the additional trimmings currently takes the seventh spot, according to the latest Steam charts (thanks, PCGN).

Bungie's latest sci-fi expansion ends Phasmophobia's long-running dominance of the top spot, although the indie horror is still generating more revenue that Cyberpunk 2077 or FIFA 21 this week.

Other games on the top ten list by revenue include Football Manager 1§, Sea of Thieves, Among Us, and Valve Index VR Kit.

"Beyond Light currently feels more like a seasonal launch than an expansion kick-off," Austin said in his Destiny 2: Beyond Light review-in-progress. "I was drowning in things to do for weeks after Shadowkeep came out, but I've already run out of new stuff. I'm excited for more things to be added, and I'm sure they will be, just as I'm sure that I'll log in every week to see them – which is probably what Bungie's going for – but I'm missing the feeling of Destiny Christmas. 

"Beyond Light is good so far, but its pacing is giving me whiplash, so I both want and need to see more." 

Many Guardians were surprised to find their Destiny 2 Witherhoard disabled following a hotfix earlier this week, although if you've recently ventured into Crucible and were melted before you'd barely spawned in, you no doubt realise that there was a good reason for the emergency change.

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