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Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location and complete guide for September 10 - September 16

This week's Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge is located in the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in Rheasilvia of the Dreaming City. From the landing zone, head past the Blind Well through a cave off to the left. When you exit the cave, hug the right wall until you reach a grassy ravine. The Chamber of Starlight is in the back of the ravine. Follow the linear path until you reach an open chamber, pop a Tincture of Queensfoil, and you'll find the challenge portal on a platform to the left with two Taken Hobgoblins. 

Read on to find out how to beat this challenge and where to find its Corrupted Eggs and lore bones. (Note: I had already collected the eggs and lore in this challenge before recording the video above, so I've indicated where they would be with arrows.) 

How to beat the Chamber of Starlight Ascendant Challenge 

This Ascendant Challenge (0:42 in the video above) is essentially a race to the finish. Three Abyssal Champions will pursue you as you make your way through the fairly linear path, so you need to keep moving. Kill the Taken Hobgoblins and Shriekers if they become a problem, but don't try and kill all the Taken Thrall or else the Abyssal Champions may catch up. Once you reach the end of the normal path, you'll need to jump across some rotating rock platforms to reach a boss arena marked by Stonehenge-like pillars. Some of these rocks can be awkward to stand on, and Acolyte's Eyes will spawn every few platforms, so don't rush it. The Abyssal Champions can't reach you here either. 

Once you land on the boss arena, another Abyssal Champion will spawn. Fight it as normal, keeping your distance and killing other enemies as needed. Watch out for the Taken Phalanx, as they can boop you off the edge. And don't attack or kill the three Shriekers around the arena; they are not hostile and will merely observe the fight. If you're having trouble, try standing on the pillars around the arena or kiting the Abyssal Champion around them. 

Chamber of Starlight Ascendant Challenge Corrupted Egg locations

There are three Corrupted Eggs in this Ascendant Challenge, and all of them are easy to find. The first egg (4:23) is just ahead of where you spawn in. Make your way to the bridge and look down and to the right. The second egg (4:34) is on the side of the boss arena, but you can shoot it before you reach the end of the challenge. When you reach the second Shrieker on the main path, loop around the circular platform and shoot toward the boss arena in the distance. The third egg (4:46) is underneath the massive staircase before the platforming section. From the second egg, make your way across the winding bridge to the circular platform where four Taken Phalanx spawn. Clear them out, then look up and to the right, on the underside of the path near some damaged flying buttresses.  

Chamber of Starlight Ascendant Challenge lore location

The lore bones (4:57) in this Ascendant Challenge are near the end of the main path. From the platform where you shot the third egg (where the four Taken Phalanx spawn), move up slightly and the three Abyssal Champions will spawn in ahead of you. Jump over them and proceed until you reach a fork in the path. The right path will take you to the rest of the challenge, and the left path will lead you right to the lore bones.  

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