Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location and complete guide for Jan 15 - Jan 22

The latest Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge is in the Garden of Esila, the southeast zone of the Dreaming City. To reach the Garden of Esila, head toward The Strand from the Dreaming City's landing zone, through the crags to the right of the Blind Well. Hang a right as soon as you emerge in The Strand, and keep going until you see a hallway to the right. Follow this hallway upward, past a cluster of Hive, and head into the Garden. The Ascendant Challenge portal is off to the left behind a large rock. 

If you're having trouble finding it, refer to the start of the video above. Read on to find out how to beat this challenge and where to find its Corrupted Egg and lore bones. 

 How to beat the Garden of Esila Ascendant Challenge  

To clear this Ascendant Challenge (0:30 in the video above), you'll need to collect three arc charges from around the arena, deposit them in the well in the central platform, and kill three Abyssal Champions. The Abyssal Champions and countless Shadow Thrall will chase you the whole time, so keep moving. You can collect the charges in any order. If the Taken Phalanx that guard the well give you trouble, try kiting them to one side of the well and then rushing in from the opposite side. 

Once you deposit all three charges, a well of light will spawn, giving you functionally infinite Supers to kill the Abyssal Champions. As such, burst damage supers like Chaos Reach, Blade Barrage, and Thundercrash work very well here. That being said, you can kill the Abyssal Champions however you'd like, which includes safely sniping them from a tree. 

Garden of Esila Ascendant Challenge Corrupted Egg locations 

There are two Corrupted Eggs in this Ascendant Challenge. You'll want to clear the challenge and despawn the enemies first to make things simpler. Oriented to the central well, the first egg (4:07) is located directly to the right of the challenge exit portal. Head up the grassy path to the right of the portal, then look right and down. You'll see the Corrupted Egg hovering below. The second egg (4:19) can be reached from the same grassy path. Look left this time and take the first offshoot down a stone bridge. Once you pass the Taken blight on the bridge, look right and down once again.  

Garden of Esila Ascendant Challenge lore location 

The lore bones in this Ascendant Challenge (4:44) can be reached from the same path where you found the second Corrupted Egg. From the central well, take the grassy path to the right of the exit portal, take the first left down the stone bridge, and continue until you reach a large floating platform off to the left. Jump onto it and look down. You should see the lore bones glowing down below. Jump down to claim them. (Don't worry, you can jump up from here to exit the challenge.)  

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