Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location and complete guide for September 17 - September 23

This week's Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge is in the Aphelion's Rest Lost Sector in the eastern side of the Dreaming City. To reach Aphelion's Rest, head toward The Strand from the Dreaming City's landing zone, through the crags to the right of the Blind Well. Once you emerge in the Strand, keep going until you see a bridge. Go under it and hang a right. You should see the Lost Sector icon on a nearby rock. The challenge portal is in the back of the Lost Sector just before the boss. 

If you have trouble finding the portal, refer to the start of the video above. Read on to find out how to beat this challenge and where to find its Corrupted Eggs and lore bones. 

How to beat the Aphelion's Rest Ascendant Challenge 

This Ascendant Challenge (0:37 in the video above) is quick and easy. You'll spawn into a large area inhabited by Shadow Thrall and Abyssal Champions, with several crystals around you. Your goal is to break the crystals - but to damage them, you'll need to destroy four Taken blights dotted around the area. Fragmented paths connect these blights, so the real challenge is not falling to your doom. I recommend starting with the rightmost blight (oriented to the face of the statue in the middle of the starting platform) and working counter-clockwise. 

Shotguns excel at destroying the blights, but you'll want something with more range and mid-air accuracy for destroying the crystals. Once you kill all four blights, you'll be notified of "an opportunity" in the bottom left of the screen, the shields on the crystals will drop, and the Abyssal Champions in the area will go berserk. Head back to the central platform and break the crystals as quickly as you can, jumping to avoid the attacks of the Abyssal Champions. Once all the crystals are gone, the Champions will die and the chest will appear. 

Aphelion's Rest Ascendant Challenge Corrupted Egg locations

There are three Corrupted Eggs in this Ascendant Challenge, and they're easy to get provided you clear the challenge first to despawn all the enemies. The first egg (3:30) is directly across from the statue in the starting platform. Simply turn around, move up, and look down slightly. You'll see the egg poking out on a grassy platform in the distance. The second egg (3:42) can be shot from a platform directly behind the statue, so just loop around it from the right until you reach a marble bridge. You'll see the bottom of this egg in a far-off cave. The third egg (4:09) is to the right of the statue. Oriented to its face, head right and follow the linear path. The final egg is behind a shattered wall. You can't miss it. 

Aphelion's Rest Ascendant Challenge lore location

The lore bones in this Ascendant Challenge are on top of one of the statues to the left of the central statue that we've been following so far. Head left of the central statue until you reach a large circular platform. Enter the hall-like building to the right of the platform and jump on top of the broken pillar at the end. Turn around and jump up to the roof of the building, then move up a bit and jump to the statue closest to you. You should see the lore on top of the statue on the other side of the platform.  

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