Design your own superhero for Edgar Wright!

Do you want Edgar Wright to take a look at your own superhero?

Well here’s your chance to muscle in on the action…

Total Film is inviting you to draw your very own superhero. All we want is a sketch (or painting, or computer-rendering, or whatever you fancy, really) of your brand new design.

Feel free to annotate the diagram if you want to draw attention to aspects of the costume or gadgets/weapons. (This is not compulsory.)

As well as the design, we need your superhero’s name and a short list of his/her/its powers!

Your entries will be judged by none other than comic-book guru Edgar Wright ( Scott Pilgrim Vs The World , Brandon Generator ).

The winners will be featured in the September Issue of Total Film , on sale 3 August. Deadline for all entries is Sunday July 15.

Visit the competition page to enter!

Just in case you need a bit of inspiration, we've included some trailers below. But remember, we want original superheroes only!




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