Definitely, Maybe review

Ryan Reynolds makes a concerted bid to be the next Hugh Grant in this Working Title rom-com, a kind of Three Beddings And A Funeral that takes an inordinately long time to reach its wholly unsurprising conclusion. Told in flashback, Adam Brooks' film sees Ryan's soon-to-be-divorced dad tell his 10-year-old daughter (Abigail Breslin) about the three great loves of his life without revealing which turned out to be her mom. Was it college sweetheart Elizabeth Banks, ambitious journo Rachel Weisz or kooky wild child Isla Fisher? You'll have given up caring long before Definitely, Maybe reaches its warm and fuzzy climax. But it's worth sticking with for the delightful Breslin, some well-observed 1990s detail (check out those cell phones!) and Kevin Kline's ripe turn as a philosophical lush.

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