Deer Avenger 4 Cheats

Deer Avenger 4 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Kill a hunter without a hunter's weapon

    Go to the place where you get the SUV. Then when you hear a hunter coming get in the SUV and drive right over the hunter and the should be dead.

  • PC | Submitted by mio

    What to use to kill Agent X

    First you want to kill Snake then head to a level. Go nearby a thing of sticks and leaves (press F5 to get in). Before you do that you should get some broccoli, then set food nearby your secret hiding place. Now when you shoot you are going to be revealed. Use a tracker device to know how far he is away.

  • PC | Submitted by i know every cheat


    In every level if you walk around you will eventually find a hippie playing a guitar. If you go in front of him he will sometimes throw an item at you. P.S. DON'T SHOOT HIM UNTIL HE GIVES YOU A ITEM.

  • PC | Submitted by Ryguy115

    Character Weapons

    Daisy: Black Rifle
    Moose: Black Shotgun
    Travis: Mostly Wooden Rifle
    Hank: Same Handgun You Start Out With
    El Nacho: Double Magnum
    Bubba: Camouflagued Shotgun
    Agent X: The Black Machine Gun
    Roxxy: The Black Magnum
    Sir Winston: The All Wooden Rifle
    Master Foo: The Crossbow

  • PC | Submitted by Ryguy115

    Get Bambo's Truck!

    All you need to do is kill all the guys its that simple.

  • PC | Submitted by BUG BOY

    Get on to the mountains

    When you finish the game go back to West Virginia and find the SUV and drive until you get to one of the two mountains. Then drive right next to the mountain and make sure the driver side door is next to the mountain and wreck in to the mountain and get out of your truck.

  • PC | Submitted by David Bridges

    Easy Hunter Kills

    In any level when you hear the country music (Hunter is coming) get near a bush (sticks and leaves), get an item out of your backpack(f7)then place it in front of the bush. Then hide inside the bush(f5). Then the hunter will be coming to the item you threw. When he is in front of the item shoot him until he dies!!

  • PC | Submitted by David Bridges

    Go To the Bridge in West Virginia

    In the west Virginia world then you see the barn go around the mountain then you will see a lake with stones or rocks in it. On your right you will see a lake going between two mountains. Follow the stream (be inside the water). Then you will see the bridge from the beginning (in the movie)!!

Deer Avenger 4 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Owen


    After you have killed everyone in the game you have all weapons. Go to the weapons rack and pick the Oozie or the Sub-machine gun. Pick Wisconsin and go to work. DONT GO INTO THE DIRT/STICK PILES. After one shot you fly out of the pile. My favorite gun is the black rifle. it kills in two shots.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Faster Hunter

    Hold shift during the game the hunter will come faster

  • PC | Submitted by gtrider5972

    Max Payne Mode

    While your playing press "B" in any level and everything will be in slowmo. Or Shift + b

  • PC | Submitted by gtrider5972

    Get Scope

    First go to West Virginia. Then look for the small run-down white house with the broken fence. Go down the hill and look by the trees at the bottom. Then you will be able to use the scope by right clicking.