Death Race prequel in the works

Death Race might have been an occasionally fun, mindless romp, but we're not sure we really needed a sequel - or in this case, a prequel.

But Paul WS Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt clearly disagree, so they've fired the starting pistol on a script that will explore the origins of the Death Race - and the past of the legendary racer Frankenstein.

Which likely means no Statham this time around (since he merely took on the man's mantle), automatically losing interest points with us.

And didn't the exposition delivered by Joan Allen's ice queen warden pretty much explain the race's beginnings?

Still, Anderson is not one to leave a possible franchise spinning its wheels, so Tony Giglio - who is about to serve as second unit director on Resident Evil Afterlife will be writing a screenplay and might even end up directing.

[Source: Shock 'Till You Drop ]

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