Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza returns to the character for 'Reign of X' tie-in

X-Men Unlimited excerpt
X-Men Unlimited excerpt (Image credit: Matt Horak (Marvel Comics))

Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza is returning to Marvel's Merc with a Mouth for a new story-arc to run in the digital-first X-Men Unlimited series. Beginning with December 6's X-Men Unlimited #13, Nicieza and artist Matt Horak are taking over the series for an eight-part storyline featuring Deadpool and another X-Men character Nicieza has some influence in - the Juggernaut.

(Nicieza wrote the recent limited series Juggernaut: No Stopping Now.) 

X-Men Unlimited #13 cover (Image credit: Matt Horak (Marvel Comics))

This Deadpool/Juggernaut storyline in X-Men Unlimited is titled 'Paradise Lost' - tying into the two characters' exclusion from the so-called mutant paradise that is Krakoa, the island nation mutants started several years ago during House of X / Powers of X. It has grown to be a bastion of mutant pride, but has a strict mutants-only policy - which leaves Deadpool and Juggernaut on the outside looking in.

The X-Men Unlimited #13 - #20 storyline however will see that mutantkind still needs non-mutant allies, such as Deadpool and Juggernaut. In this case, the duo is recruited to solve an as-yet-unspecified problem that mutants aren't quite fit for somehow. Newsarama has learned that somehow this involves a new Marvel villain being created just for this storyline.

X-Men Unlimited #14 cover (Image credit: Matt Horak (Marvel Comics))

As with previous installments of the digital-first X-Men Unlimited series, the Deadpool/Juggernaut storyline will be presented in Marvel's 'Infinity Comics' format - a vertically-scrolling comics format built for mobile devices.

"It's a very different style of storytelling that took some getting used to, but once I figured some things out I had a lot of fun!," says Horak in the announcement. "Being able to create long scrolling sequences that wouldn't be possible on a page was really exciting. There's an awesome new villain that was an absolute treat to design. It's a new spin on a classic bad guy that involved referencing a ton of obscure corners of the Marvel Universe."

The Deadpool/Juggernaut 'Paradise Lost' storyline debuts with December 6's X-Men Unlimited #13, and will run weekly through the final chapter - January 24's X-Men Unlimited #20.

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