Dead Space remake trailer hides an easter egg to the original game's director

Dead Space
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The Dead Space remake trailer is hiding an easter egg referencing the original game's director.

Just below, you can see a discovery from a Twitter user shortly after the Dead Space remake was unveiled yesterday at the EA Play event. In the tweet replying to original Dead Space director Glen Schofield sounding off on the remake, the Twitter user notes that Schofield is referenced by name in the remake's trailer, as "Schofield Tools" is named as having created the Plasma Cutter weapon. It's worth mentioning that the original Dead Space also featured this easter egg, but it's nice to see that the remake is keeping this reference alive.

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You can see the tribute from near the end of the reveal trailer. As the camera moves past protagonist Isaac Clarke to the famed "cut off their limbs" writing scrawled in blood on the wall, you can see the name "Schofield Tools" written near the top left corner of the wall. It's a nice little touch from the development team of the Dead Space remake at EA Motive, keeping in a homage to former boss of the now-defunct Visceral Games, Glen Schofield.

As for Schofield himself, the original game director of Dead Space sounds pretty thrilled by the remake of the game he headed up. The director took to Twitter to express his excitement, writing that he was looking forward to seeing what EA Motive does with the forthcoming horror remake, adding that directing Dead Space was one of the highlights of his career.

If you missed the reveal of the Dead Space remake from EA Motive yesterday, you can catch the trailer in full just below. It's more of a cinematic trailer than anything, and shows the murky, blood-soaked hallways of the USG Ishimura, a necromorph getting ready to pounce, and finally protagonist Isaac Clarke's engineering suit booting up for the horrors that await him.

It's an exciting time for fans of the original horror game from Visceral. Dead Space was an absolute triumph when it launched back in 2008, drawing inspiration from the likes of Resident Evil and Silent Hill to create a new nightmare. As excited as we are about the upcoming remake from EA Motive, it certainly seems from the trailer as though Dead Space is still at least a few years away from releasing.

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