Dead Space looks even more stomach-churning in new remake gameplay

Dead Space
(Image credit: EA)

Gameplay of the Dead Space remake has premiered online for the first time ahead of launch.

Earlier today on October 4, EA Motive finally debuted gameplay for the highly anticipated horror remake. You can catch the full gameplay trailer in the video just below, which shows off protagonist Isaac Clarke skulking the hallways and corridors of the terrifying USG Ishimura, desperately scouring the ruined ship for his colleagues while fending off brutal necromorphs. 

This sure does look like the Dead Space fans came to know and adore over a decade ago, but with a fresh coat of paint for 2023. The gameplay looks just as horrifying as ever, as Isaac dismembers the necromorphs with deadly precision, before in turn being rendered a corpse.

As we mentioned, this is our first time getting a look at gameplay for the Dead Space remake, but it's not our first time hearing about gameplay details. Earlier this year, EA Motive announced it would tune-up the remake's weapons to make them sound less dinky, and just this past week, the developer also revealed it'd be giving full scenes to characters who only ever appeared on audio logs in the original game.

Dead Space launches next year on January 27, 2023, exclusively for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. The horror remake won't have any loading screens, in keeping with the original game, and it also won't have any microtransactions whatsoever. 

The Dead Space remake also has an original developer on board as a consultant for the project, if you're wondering how faithful the new version will be. 

Hirun Cryer

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