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Dead Space 2 teaser image holds a hidden hint

We generally refrain from writing news stories about announcements… BUT THIS ONE HAS A PICTSHURE! Something contained in the image below relates specifically to an announcement Dead Space 2 will drop later this week. Can you see it? Because we sure as hell can’t.

Above: From Dead Space'sFacebook page. The pic is also available as adesktop wallpaper.

Let’s go over the popular speculation. Yes, Isaac has a Plasma Cutter in his left hand, however there’s nothing in his right so it’s probably not dual wielding. (How the hell would that work anyway?) Those proficient in Unitology text probably just want us shut up and tell you that the scrawl in the upper right translates to “Ignition.” Okay, there… but what the hell does that mean? Sub-Zero Gravity Boots, perhaps?

Above: Our extremely cynical depiction of Dead Space 2's multiplayer

More than likely that, or something else in the image, has something to do with Dead Space 2’s multiplayer, which we’ve heard very little about thus far. Yes,even though we included it in our Top 7 Upcoming games that don't need multiplayer feature, we still condier Dead Space to be in the Top 5 franchises of this generation. Just because we didn't ask for it, doesn't mean it won't be awesome. Stay tuned, there's not much time left in the week, so the announcement should be coming very soon.

Jul 7, 2010