Dead Island: Secret Origins – Episode 1 [RIDICULOUSLY SPONSORED]

Huzzah, GamesRadar%26rsquo;s motion picture debut has finally arrived! Today we premiere Dead Island: Secret Origins - Episode 1, and oh man, it establishes%26hellip; Look, I don%26rsquo;t wanna give anything away, so just have a look - it%26rsquo;s only two goddamned minutes!

Oh! For the people who keep asking who the music is by, it was generously donated by Bella Novelaand the songs you hear are from their new album, which comes out in October. Thanks so much guys!

[FULL DISCLOSURE: Deep Silver ponied up the dough for the videos - we wrote, shot and said whatever we wanted. It's not advertorial, it's ADVERTAINMENT!]

Jul 19, 2011