Dead Island 2 system requirements: Here are the minimum and recommended PC specs

Dead Island 2 preview
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The full Dead Island 2 system requirements have been revealed, letting you know exactly what PC specs you'll need to run the game at every graphics setting.

Turns out Dead Island 2 isn't a particularly demanding game, at least judging from its PC requirements. If you have a halfway decent gaming rig built in the last few years, you're likely to be able to run Dead Island 2 just fine, barring any bugs or performance issues on the client side. Here are the full specs straight from the official Dead Island 2 website.

Dead Island 2 system requirements

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

So, at minimum, you'll need a 7th-gen i7 or AMD equivalent, a GTX 1060 or RX 480, and 10 gigs of RAM to run Dead Island 2 at its lowest settings. The only possible hiccup I could see at that configuration is the memory requirement, as some pre-builds are still inexplicably being shipped with only 8 GB of RAM. That said, that's a fast, easy, and affordable upgrade to make if you run into that issue.

Even at high settings, Deep Silver only recommends having a 13th-gen i5 and an RTX 3070. If you want to play at Ultra, you'll need an RTX 3090, but still only 16 GB of RAM, which most decent PCs come with anyway. You'll need 70 GB of free hard drive space to install the game, which sounds about right for its scale. All in all, pretty standard stuff here.

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