DC's new Wonder Girl gets her own series in May

Wonder Girl art from Infinite Frontier #0
Wonder Girl art from Infinite Frontier #0 by Joëlle Jones and Jordie Bellaire (Image credit: DC)

DC's Future State Wonder Woman Yara Flor is continuing on after the forward-looking event concludes in a previously announced series from writer/artist Joëlle Jones, exploring Yara's history as Wonder Girl – and now DC has unveiled new details of the Wonder Girl title, including when it'll release. 

Wonder Girl #1 cover by Joëlle Jones (Image credit: DC)

Previously announced to debut in March, DC now states Wonder Girl #1 from writer/artist Jones, colorist Jordie Bellaire, and letterer Clayton Cowles will arrive on May 18. Before that, Yara Flor will continue to appear in Future State, which runs through all of February, with a story in the upcoming DC: Infinite Frontier #0 one-shot setting up her Wonder Girl solo series.

"Raised in the far-off land of Boise, Idaho, Yara has always felt something has been missing from her life - and now she is headed to Brazil to find it," reads DC's official description of Wonder Girl #1. "Little does she know her arrival will set off a series of events that will change the world of Wonder Woman forever."

"Her return has been prophesied, and with that prophecy comes the undivided attention of benevolent gods from pantheons beyond," continues DC's description. "Danger lurks around every corner - but is this young hero ready for her journey? Find out in a debut issue you absolutely cannot miss!"

Wonder Girl art from Infinite Frontier #0 by Joëlle Jones and Jordie Bellaire (Image credit: DC)

Yara Flor is just the latest DC heroine to take the name Wonder Girl (and not the first to eventually become Wonder Woman in a future story, as related in Future State). The original Wonder Girl was Diana herself, in a series of Silver Age stories showcasing her life as an Amazon hero prior to taking the mantle of Wonder Woman.

Those stories were quickly retconned, with new character Donna Troy taking on the mantle of Wonder Girl as Diana's protégé (Donna also had a brief stint as the main Wonder Woman prior to the 'New 52' era). And most recently, there's Cassie Sandsmark, the most recent Wonder Girl of Young Justice and Teen Titans fame, herself a daughter of Zeus.

Yara Flor will continue the mantle and tradition of Wonder Girl when her solo title launches on May 18. Watch for DC's full May 2021 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

The new Wonder Girl isn’t a part of a teen superteam … yet. But maybe one day she’ll join one of the best teen superhero teams of all time.

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