DC Universe Online: Unmasked - Exclusive Iconics trailer

DC Universe Online: Unmasked is about to get a much-needed dose of the Joker - but what's a party without some extraterrestrial heroes and villains? The fourth DCUO DLC pack, entitled The Last Laugh, focuses on PvP content, and includes additions to the Legends PvP mode in the form of new Iconic characters - the same heroes and villains you know and love from the comics, only you're in control of their signature moves. Check out the video below to get walkthroughs of two of the upcoming iconic characters, Power Girl and Amon Sur, courtesy of DCUO's Creative Director Jens Anderson and Game Designer Andrew Buschmann.

So whose side will you fight for: the altruistic, alien Kryptonians, or the ring-bearing Lanterns? We're excited to throw down in the Fortress of Solitude, ourselves - we always did wonder how Superman decorates the place. Look for DCUO's The Last Laugh DLC to be implemented into the game this June.

Lucas Sullivan

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