DC makes this week's Wonder Girl #7 the series' surprise finale

Wonder Girl #8 cover
Wonder Girl #8 cover (Image credit: Matteo Scalera (DC))

January 25's Wonder Girl #7 has become the surprise finale of the recently-launched series, according to a notice sent out by DC to retailers.

"The current run of Wonder Girl concludes with Wonder Girl #7, on sale January 25," reads the retailer-only message. "Wonder Girl #8, previously solicited in DC Connect #18, has been canceled."

Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1 cover (Image credit: Joëlle Jones (DC))

That being said, the titular hero Yara Flor, and her creator Joëlle Jones, will be continuing for a short time in the previously-announced Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl two-issue series launching in March. Up until now, DC signaled that the main Wonder Girl series would continue despite Jones and Wonder Girl participating in this tie-in limited series to that Wonder Woman crossover event.

It's unclear how much work on Wonder Girl #8 was completed before it was canceled, however, its planned main cover by Julian Totino Tedesco has already found a new home as a variant cover to Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1.

Although DC has not explained the reasoning behind the Wonder Girl cancelation, several of the issues in series were delayed with new artists being brought in to assist Jones - the series' main writer and artist - to draw the book. It could be just a matter of scheduling, and making sure the two-part Wonder Girl series tying into the larger Trial of the Amazons event, remains on schedule.

Wonder Girl #8 variant cover (Image credit: Julian Totino Tedesco (DC))

Wonder Girl stars a South American woman named Yara Flor who is part of an offshoot tribe of Amazons who reside near the actual Amazon River. Originally created to take over the main Wonder Woman title according to Jones, the character was re-aligned to be 'Wonder Girl' after internal changes at DC in 2020.

DC's parent company WarnerMedia took a quick liking to the character, however, and sold a Wonder Girl show project to the CW before the character even debuted. The project was ultimately shelved by the CW before a pilot was filmed.

Wonder Girl #1 - #7 is on sale now. Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1 (of 2) is scheduled for March 22.

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