DayZ cheats: Are there ways to cheat in the zombie apocalypse

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If you've tried to survive the zombie apocalypse for any length of time, then you'll appreciate how valuable having some DayZ cheats can be. It's a struggle to find the valuable resources and weapons you need to survive in this harsh world, especially during the early stages of your journey, so being able to give yourself a helping hand could really tip the odds in your favour.

You can start out by following our DayZ tips, which provides a survival guide to help you get through the initial part of the game and highlights what you should be looking out for. If you want to go further then we've investigated what options are available for DayZ cheats, so read on to find out what advantages you can give yourself.

What are the DayZ cheats?

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Ok, so let's cut straight to the chase here – in the traditional sense, there are no DayZ cheats unfortunately. There aren't any codes or button combinations you can input to apply effects, and no console commands you can use to affect the game either. This make sense for an online game, as the developer wants to keep things balanced and fair for everyone, and not have some players getting an advantage over others or trolling them with unusual effects.

If you're looking for an alternative to DayZ cheats, then there are a few other options you can consider, which we'll outline below.

What is the DayZ midget glitch?

If you want to confuse other players, or simply reduce your visibility to those who may be less friendly, then the DayZ midget glitch could be what you're looking for. The method for achieving this is laid out in the video above from around 01:53, and involves a delicate balance of crouching, bandaging, camera panning, and items on hotkeys. The result when it works is a shrunken character model, floating a little above the ground. It's possible that this glitch has since been patched out of the game, but it's worth looking into if it's of interest to you.

Are there DayZ hacks and aimbots?

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If you desperately want access to DayZ cheats, then the only option available is to go down the route of hacks. These can give you access to aimbot for 100% shooting accuracy, teleportation around the map, spawning items and weapons, and much more. However, as this is an online game, the use of such hacks is prohibited, and according to the DayZ End User License Agreement:

"You are not allowed to hack, modify or reverse engineer the game or any game files, its data or network Services. You are also not allowed to cheat, create cheats or promote cheats in the game."

Due to this, we are not able to provide any further information here about these methods. If you are detected using DayZ hacks, or reported by other players, then you could find yourself being banned from playing the game as a breach of this agreement, so bear this in mind if you decide to take this option.

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