Days Gone mod increases horde sizes for an extra challenge

Days Gone
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Days Gone hordes can get an awful lot bigger thanks to this impressive new mod.

Over the last week, shortly after Days Gone first debuted on PC, a new mod for the emerged through the Nexus Mods hub (thanks, PCGamesN). This new mod, simply called Massive (Challenging) Hordes, does exactly what it says on the tin, ballooning the hordes of post-apocalyptic North America to massive numbers.

However, there's actually a lot more going on here than just simply increasing the number of zombies in each horde. Modder Aigmir actually discovered that Days Gone's hordes are divided into tiers, with each containing a very specific number of zombies. For example, the horde located in Crater Lake is "tier five," and features 600 zombies, far greater than the Belknap Region horde, which has 360 zombies in "tier two."

So this mod actually does two things. Firstly, it adds in a new horde "tier" with 500 zombies, placing it right between tiers three and four, and secondly it adds the option for hordes numbering 750 zombies, far higher than the previous cap of 670. That's perfect if you're after a more challenging experience in Bend Studio's open-world zombie action game.

If you're unfamiliar with the Days Gone's hordes themselves, they're swarms of zombies dedicated to patrolling one very specific area of the in-game map. For example, you'll find one particularly challenging horde hanging around the lumber mill location in the southern portion of the map, while another, easier horde is patrolling the small lake area near the northeastern corner of the map.

Days Gone's hordes are meant to be a significant challenge for players of any and all skill levels. It's incredibly difficult to just sit in one spot with a powerful assault rifle and dispatch a horde in one go, as you'll more often than not have to duck and dodge your way around the horde while firing off your weapon at incredibly narrow intervals. With this mod though, you can give yourself a hell of a lot more zombies to deal with.

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