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Days Gone lead designer thanks fans for playing regardless of how much they spent

Days Gone
(Image credit: Sony)

Days Gone's lead designer has thanked fans for playing Bend Studio's zombie game no matter how much money they spent on it.

In a recent tweet, Bend Studio lead designer Eric Jensen sent out a heartfelt message to those who played Days Gone. "I appreciate you," Jensen writes, "thank you for playing our game." The replies to Jensen's tweet are full of Days Gone players thanking the lead designer for his remarks.

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This follows former Days Gone writer and director John Garvin's contentious comments late last week. Speaking on a podcast hosted by former God of War director David Jaffe, Garvin remarked that players shouldn't complain if a game doesn't get a sequel if they "didn't buy it at full f*cking price." The writer went on to express that if fans really love a game, they should purchase it at full price at launch.

Criticism was levelled at Garvin's comments over the following days for a variety of reasons, including his ignorance of individual players' financial situations. Garvin appeared on the podcast shortly after a report surfaced claiming that a Days Gone sequel pitch was shot down by Sony management due to the prolonged development period of the game, potentially fuelling his comments about games not receiving sequels because they weren't supported.

Garvin isn't the only former Days Gone developer that's been speaking out. Talking on the same podcast hosted by Jaffe, former co-director Jeff Ross revealed that the unsuccessful pitch for Days Gone 2 included co-op with a shared open world. It turns out we could've been taking on the hordes together with friends, if the Days Gone sequel had ever seen the light of day.

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