Date set for DS Browser

Tuesday 8 August 2006
Nintendo's DS Browser, which will allow you to surf the web on the handheld, will be released in the UK on 6 October and will cost %26pound;30.

The browser comes in the guise of a DS cartridge and will be bundled with a memory expansion pack, which will help the DS cope with multimedia-heavy sites. Separate versions of the cartridge will be released for the original DS and the new DS Lite (so make sure you buy the right one). Once this is in place, users will be able to connect to the internet via WiFi.

The browser has been designed by Opera Software and allows both screens to be used to view a single web page. Alternatively, it's possible to have the top screen display a magnified view, which can then be controlled via the bottom screen. A keypad option on the lower screen will also allow users to enter text.

Watch out for a full review of the browser on GamesRadar next week. In the meantime, to see a demonstration of it in action,click here.