Darkstalkers Resurrection collection coming early 2013

Gothic horror fighting will return from the grave when Darkstalkers Resurrection hits PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2013. Capcom today announced the updated compilation of 1995's Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and 1997's Darkstalkers 3 at New York ComicCon.

The $14.99 or 1,200 Microsoft Point collection marks the first dedicated appearance of Morrigan, Felicia, and 12 other fanged friends and foes outside of Japan since 2005 PlayStation Portable game Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower. The two games have been updated with options for HD graphics filters as well as GGPO-backed netcode for online matches.

Online fighters will find other modern amenities, including replay sharing in-game or direct to YouTube, live and recorded group spectator modes, and an enhanced version of the matchmaking found in Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins.

The game also has new challenge and tutorial trials for single player, as well as a vault of unlockable concept art, videos, and other Darkstalkers content.

Connor Sheridan

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