Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki would "love to" make a battle royale game

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Dark Souls creator and From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki said he would "love to take a crack at" a battle royale game and/or a massive, regularly updated game a la Destiny 2

"These games are definitely fun," Miyazaki said. "And we’re interested in the patterns they are taking. If we did it, it might be a bit different! But we’re definitely interested and there’s definitely that possibility in the future. We’d love to take a crack at them someday." 

However, while From Software is interested in these booming genres - as I imagine many studios are - Miyazaki also stressed the importance of traditional single-player experiences like the studio's upcoming shinobi adventure Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Miyazaki said these games are important to both the games industry and to From Software in particular.

"We do need this diversity in the industry," he said. "Regardless of what From Software is doing, we need people making battle royale games and live services and we need people making single-player focused experiences. We feel that this diversity is what will keep everyone going." 

PvP has always been a big part of the Dark Souls games thanks to the phantom and invasion systems, but it's also never been their focus. We've seen dedicated PvP arenas in several of From Software's games, but even those were basically just fighting rings to be enjoyed on the side, so a proper battle royale game would be a major change for the studio. I was never the biggest fan of Souls PvP, so if we're talking far-off hypotheticals, I'd be more interested in a From Software-brand battle royale with a new IP. That said, I think I'd still prefer a live service game set in a Souls-style, if only because it could mean regular injections of Dark Souls.

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