Dark Matter pulled from Steam over abrupt ending

Dark Matter went up on Steam and Good Old Games last week. This week, the survival-horror sci-fi platformer was pulled from both services for its abrupt and, to many players, unsatisfying ending.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder said in a Steam Community post that it is working on a "a more conclusive and satisfying ending" for the InterWave Studios game. But Gamasutra reports that almost the entire studio was laid off in July and August after a Kickstarter for the game failed, with only a skeleton crew of management remaining.

Schreuder said Dark Matter was meant to be converted to an episodic series after the Kickstarter fizzled, with sales from the first episode used to cover development of future episodes. That plan evidently never came to fruition, as the game was released with no mention of an episodic structure--and there may be nobody left to make more.

Gamasutra's source said an external developer is now working on the game's ending.

Connor Sheridan

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