Dark City TV series in the works from original director Alex Proyas

Dark City
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Prepare to take a trip back to the city that never sleeps… no, not New York, I mean the one from the neo-noir movie Dark City.

Director Alex Proyas appeared virtually at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival to debut his Mask of the Evil Apparition film, a short movie which happens to be set within the Dark City universe. During the Q&A, hosted by Mayhem director Joe Lynch and revealed by Bloody Disgusting, Proyas let slip that he's working on a Dark City TV show:

"Dark City right now is really an intriguing one to me because we’re developing a series, a Dark City series," Proyas announced. Without delving into story specifics, he goes on to discuss how it might connect to the movie. 

The 1998 film tells of a mysterious man (Rufus Sewell) who wakes in a hotel room with amnesia and a corpse. From thereon the movie proceeds to get weird, as a gaggle of bald men dubbed The Strangers enter his suite. Jennifer Connelly, Kiefer Sutherland, and William Hurt co-star in the movie with Melissa George in a supporting role.

"Which we’re in the very early stages [of] but I’m having to reanalyze in order to construct a new story. I’m having to go back and kind of jog my memory as to what we actually did and what I think worked and what I think didn’t work and reevaluate my own film, so that’s been a very interesting experience as well which I’ve not done before."

Taking a peek at the synopsis for Mask of the Evil Apparition certainly gives us a good indication of what the show might entail. It reads: "A young woman with no memory searches a deserted nocturnal city looking for something or someone. Only problem is she can’t remember who or what. She encounters twin brothers who may be her salvation, but one of them warns her that the “Mysterious Ones,” a nefarious group of clones, are after her. Another woman in disguise also offers to help, but can she be trusted?"

Stills from the short showcase a number of long-haired men with gaunt, drawn faces in robes. While they've luscious locks, their visages appear identical to the group of sinister men from Dark City led by Richard O'Brien.

As of 9pm EST August 12, folks in the US can access the Mask of the Evil Apparition and the Q&A over at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival, where it's available to watch for a week. Perhaps worthwhile scoping out for potential clues for the series? Until we hear more about the Dark City series, check out our rundown of the best sci-fi movies ever made.

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