DAoC: Darkness Rising screens

Mythic Entertainment have added +10 evil to their latest expansion pack for their landmark MMORPG series Dark Age Of Camelot, and we have the screens to prove it.

While the six other packages for Dark Age Of Camelot have introduced more new classes than the National Curriculum and more mythical beings than the Brothers Grimm, Darkness Rising changes the world into a more gloomy and dangerous place especially for an elite band of online gamers.

For anyone with a level 30 or above character can use the pack to become a Champion, gaining extra skills and weaponry unique to each Realm. And anyone who manages to hit the giddy heights of level 45, there is the prospect of riding a modifiable mount including Nightmare, Unicorn, Warhorse, and the Undead Phantom steeds.

And while the rest of us are building our warriors up towards that exalted level we can look at the effects that the growing evil is having on Camelot itself with these before and after shots.