Dangerous Parking review

There comes a time – after your 21st birthday and before the incontinence – when ‘glamorous hedonist’ turns into ‘sad old drunk’. So discovers film director Noah Arkwright (Peter Howitt) in this adaptation of Stuart Browne’s semi-autobiographical novel. Throw bladder cancer into the mix and it appears we’re in for a bleak 109 minutes. Dangerous Parking is serious about addiction without being too po-faced to see the seductive side of drinking. This is thanks to the source material, of course, but also some nicely comic turns, especially from Howitt (who also directs) and Tom Conti. If you caught Howitt’s directorial debut Sliding Doors, you might recall his sixth-former-style fascination with fate, destiny and all things pseudo-spiritual – but everything else is handled with a compassion that’s fully mature.

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