Damon Lindelof talks Shatner

Damon Lindelof has been talking all things Star Trek and has confirmed that William Shatner will not be appearing in the reboot / sequel / prequel, no matter what the rumours say. Still, Trek fans should read on for a bit of good news.

When asked about Shatner's complaints about the new Trek, Lindelof said: “Mr. Shatner created Kirk, so I understand and sympathize with his feelings about what his role, or lack of a role, in our movie was."

He continued: "Kirk died; he fell down a cliff face. That made it incredibly challenging for us to tell the story we wanted to tell and figure out a way for William Shatner, who is now several years older than Kirk was when he died, to be in the movie.”

Oh, that's cattier than Sylvia from Pyris VII faced with a transmuter. See Trekkies? We told you there'd be something in this story for you...

[Source: Film School Rejects ]

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