Daily NewsRadar: More Black Mirror, the return of Valkyrie Profile, Ghibli-inspired deer, and more

It may be Monday, but there's no need for a Garfield-esque malaise. Here's all the worthwhile news tidbits you might've missed over the past day, so you can get all up to speed!

Way to the Woods debuts an enchanting pair of deer 

Apologies in advance if you start getting Bambi flashbacks, but the newly announced Way to the Woods looks spellbinding. Following the journey of a mother and her young fawn through a colorful world devoid of humans, this enchanting adventure is inspired by the famed works of Studio Ghibli.  

Valkyrie Profile lives on 

Square Enix showed off a cryptic teaser trailer for a Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, which will likely be a rerelease of the PSP game (itself a port of the classic PS1 RPG). "In 2018, the goddess descends," says the accompanying Tweet - so we'll know more soon.

Black Mirror confirmed for Season 5 

The technology-meets-Twilight Zone tales of Black Mirror will keep coming, as Netflix has signed off on a fifth season. Prepare to fear all the smart devices you own accordingly.  

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Swords of Ditto is just around the corner 

Publisher Devolver Digital has landed on an April 24 release date for Swords of Ditto, the adorable co-op Zelda-like that we've thoroughly enjoyed every chance we got to play it. Whether you play solo or with a friend, your successes and failures will leave a mark on this charming, ever-changing world. 

She's Mary Poppins, y'all 

Disney has released a trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, starring Emily Blunt as the beloved magical nanny. If the YouTube comments are any indication, expect to hear people incessantly quoting Yondu anytime this movie is mentioned. 

Even more news:  

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