Daily NewsRadar: Lego Black Panther, Valentine's Day in GTA Online, 80s indie Crossing Souls and more

Tuesday has two things going for it: it isn't Monday, and there's this bucket of freshly caught news waiting for you.  

Black Panther gets plastic surgery, courtesy of Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 

The movie is out this week and the hype engines are overheating, so it's no surprise that Black Panther is pouncing into Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 with Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Character and Level Pack DLC. You'll get Black Panther, Okoye, Nakia, Erik Killmonger, Ulysses Klaue, and Everett K. Ross to play with;you can see more in the trailer below. 

Annihilation and Ex Machina director hearts Bioshock 

Alex Garland, the director behind Annihilation (out next week), has revealed his favorite games in a chat with PlayStation.Blog. "My favorite narrative games are probably BioShock and The Last of Us," he says. "I’d love an opportunity to work on a game like that, that was trying to push and explore narrative within the game." 

Spend your Valentine's Day in GTA Online...

Ditch the IRL date and snuggle up with special discounts and bonuses in your favorite felony-flavored game, GTA Online. You'll also get the chance to snap up the Vapid Hustler vehicle. The double GTA$ and RP bonuses are only available until February 19, so cancel your evening plans now. 

...or get hot and bothered by Pokemon GO's Valentine's Day event

Blink and you'll miss it, but from now until Thursday, gangs of Luvdisc - a water-type Pokemon - will be shoaling around in Pokemon Go's augmented reality. There'll also be more Chanseys to coo over, and both are worth three times the usual Stardust. 

Play 'Stranger Things meets Goonies meets Saturday morning cartoons' RPG Crossing Souls today 

Crossing Souls is out today, and the indie adventure will rocket you back to your childhood faster than a souped-up Delorean. Set in 1986, the game features a gang of misfit friends, a mysterious Duat Stone, and a bunch of ghosts - out on PC and PS4 today.  

Even more news:  

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