Daily NewsRadar: A new Overwatch event, the wretched return of Shaq Fu, and more

Thursday is just about over, and that can only mean one thing: TGIF (not the restaurant) is just around the corner. To celebrate, check out today's most noteworthy game news, all in one spot. 

Overwatch's new seasonal mission, Retribution, is out next week 

Remember that Overwatch comic from yesterday? Turns out, it was heralding a new mission - which will be playable as soon as next week! The Retribution mission from the Overwatch Archives is a PvE event featuring the members of Blackwatch; it'll run from April 10 to April 30, so get in while the gettin's good. 

Deckard Cain is headed to Heroes of the Storm 

This ain't no April Fools prank - everyone's favorite Horadrim scholar from the Diablo series will soon be joining the fight in Blizzard's MOBA. This support hero has the power to position potions for his allies and lull enemies to sleep when they stay awhile and listen.

A new gameplay trailer for the riveting offroading of Onrush 

Get a look at the chaotic racing of Onrush, featuring cars and motorcycles bashing into one another and soaring sky-high above wilderness tracks. It's the newest game from the former Evolution Studios team that got acquired by Codemasters - the same folks behind Driveclub, Motorsport, and World Rally Championship.  

The makers of LawBreakers have a new game in the works 

Boss Key Productions, the studio behind the criminally underappreciated FPS LawBreakers, has announced that its hard at work on a new project. That doesn't mean LawBreakers is going away - and hopefully, this is a sign of a free-to-play resurgence later down the line.

Shaq Fu returns (to everyone's amazement) this June 

The successfully crowdfunded follow-up to one of the worst games of all time is almost here. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn will debut on June 5, and after watching the trailer above, I have to wonder: will it be better or somehow even worse than the original? 

Even more news:  

You can brave Hearthstone's spooky new expansion, The Witchwood, starting April 12

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy has finally been announced, with all three original games "scaled up" for PS4 and Xbox One

Avengers: Infinity War blasts onto the cover of Total Film magazine's new issue - on sale now!

Simon Pegg reveals J.J. Abrams had a different choice for Rey’s parents – will we see them in Star Wars 9?

“All will be explained” – The Avengers: Infinity War directors on why Hawkeye isn’t in the trailers (and whose backstory was cut)

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