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Da Vinci's Demons Episode 5 "The Tower" Preview

Da Vinci’s Demons Episode 1.05 “The Tower”

Here’s how series creator David S Goyer describes the episode…

[VAMS id="18IDZ91W0dhD2"]

Synopsis: Knowing that Rome is behind the sodomy charges against da Vinci, Lorenzo fights to protect his protégée. Meanwhile, King Ferdinand and the notably devout Queen Isabella of Spain arrive in Florence.

• This is a pretty hard-hitting episode, and quite harrowing at points
• On the other hand it contains two scenes of fanciful “science” that make the flying mechanical bird in the pilot look perfectly reasonable, but hey… that’s part of the fun of this show.
• The re-assessment of Guilianio continues… he’s coming across as less of a dick every week although…
• …Fraternal grudges boil over more dramatically than we’ve previously seem, and we learn that Guiliano has always been better than Lorenzo at one thing at least.
• Don’t worry about Lorenzo, though – he’s not a complete banker, though his bean counting counts for a lot in this episode.
• There are some very dodgy beards one spectacularly bad hair cut,
• Leonardo is at his loopiest and comes up with a plan that is almost literally bat’s-arse crazy.
• There are some fantastic scenes involving Leonardo and his dad, really superbly written and acted.
• Somebody returns because something has been fulfilled.
• The play’s thing, wherein they’ll capture the smutty mind of the king.
• Someone is not impressed with a cock…
• …But a lot of people are amused by pig.
• The outcome of the trial is not determined by sophistry…
• …But somebody’s use of sophistry makes Leonardo regard them in a new light.
• “I a mad man created a scavenger hunt, this is what it would look like.”
• Nico is used as a lab rat again
• That’s definitely not the Bat Signal.
• The court room set is very impressive.
• “Go 100 miles in any direction and suddenly Rome owns your prick.”
• Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition…
• Bare breast count: average.
• Naked fat middle-aged men count: zero
• Artistic representations of male genitalia: very, very high.
• There’s been a hell of a lot censored out, but you won’t really mind. It’s all the boring bits, anyway.

Da Vinci’s Demons airs in the UK on FOX, Fridays at 10pm

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