Cyberpunk 2077 dev responds to ratings leak: "We don't f@$% around"

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A detailed content rating for Cyberpunk 2077 briefly emerged in the wild, but at least one developer isn't too worried about it.

The leak emerged from the Brazillian Ministry of Justice and is preserved for your perusal on Reddit. Though it points to an 18-or-higher age rating in Brazil and teases out some of the events we'll experience in the story, the leak is pretty tame compared to The Last of Us 2 spoilers that recently emerged.

In a post to his personal Twitter account, lead quest designer Pawel Sasko seemed unconcerned about the apparent ratings leak. In fact, he's surprised you're surprised.

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The categories seem to have been machine-translated, but I checked them out and they do match up with real content descriptors. Here are a few of the greatest hits:

  • "Exposure to death corpse"
  • "Body injury"
  • "Description of illicit drug consumption or trafficking"
  • "Nudity"
  • "Sexual relationship"
  • "Intense sexual relation"

The one content descriptor that pushes Cyberpunk 2077 into the "not recommended for ages under 18" category is cruelty. Here's how the Brazilian National Secretariat of Justice defines cruelty, according to an official pamphlet: "Realistic scene of violence, in a sadistic way, and which inflicts intense physical pain." Cruelty being more potentially objectionable than sex? Honestly, it sounds like the Brazillian ratings board has its head on straight here.

That said, the Secretariat does discriminate between "Intense sexual intercourse" - which can be a very realistic or long scene that doesn't show the specifics of the act itself - and explicit sex, which falls under the same age advisory as cruelty. So those mo-capped sex scenes won't be too detailed.

What's included at launch will just be the start: CD Projekt says Cyberpunk 2077 will have "no less DLC than the Witcher 3."

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