Cuphead toys are coming to Arby's kids meals

(Image credit: Studio MDHR/Arby's)

North American fast food chain Arby's is adding Cuphead toys to its menu starting sometime this month. One of eight limited-run collectibles will be included in kids meals for about three months at 3,300 US and 85 Canadian Arby's locations.

The papercraft boss kits look pretty high-quality, at least in the press images. But don't get too attached, as you'll use one of four launcher tokens that send Cuphead heroes hurling toward the bosses. Here's what the scene will look like with unrealistically presentable Arby's menu items lying around as props.

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The marketing crossover extends to branded paper bags that hold the food and have their own little Cuphead game inked onto them. Each toy includes a code for Cuphead face filters that you can activate on the official Arby's Cuphead app, which is another of 2020's creations I couldn't have possibly anticipated.

First released back in 2017, Cuphead continues to occupy its resilient slot in the conversation - last year we got Cuphead sheet music and there's a Cuphead Netflix show on the way - due to its charming visuals and music, but mostly because it manages to be incredibly challenging without ever feeling unfair. We liked it so much that we named it one of the best games of 2017. "Cuphead is right up there with Contra and Metal Slug in the pantheon of stellar co-op run-'n'-gun gauntlets, enchanting onlookers with its delightful style and engrossing players with demanding (but always defeatable) difficulty," we wrote at the time.

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