You can now buy Cuphead sheet music, if that's your thing

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Calling all musicians, composers, jazz band instructors, and enthusiastic fans of run-and-gun indie darling, Cuphead - a full collection of sheet music for Cuphead is now available for purchase. The music is bundled into different labeled packages with PDF scores and parts for Cuphead classics like "Die House," "Carnival Kerfuffle," and "Clip Joint Calamity."

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Cuphead Sheet Music charts are available for purchase in four distinct "packages" - High School Concert Band, High School Jazz Band, Professional Charts, and Barbershop Quartet Charts. Prices range from $5 for the Barbershop Quartet Charts to $50 for the Professional Charts.

Cuphead is well-loved for its fluid side-scrolling gameplay, inventive boss fights, and indeed, charming-as-all-hell presentation. The graphics are heavily inspired by cartoons of the '30s, and the orchestrated soundtrack, which nabbed a BAFTA for Best Music, is a delightful on-brand ode to big band and ragtime jazz. Releasing the original music to learning and seasoned musicians seems a lovely way for the studio behind Cuphead to further integrate video game music into the mainstream and earn well-deserved recognition for their talent.

I like to noodle around with my guitar for fun, but I'm no professional musician. That said, these sheet music packages look supremely legit. Preview samples detail arrangement credits and instrumentation breakdowns, and include fairly extensive performance notes complete with messages from the composer. The packages can be bought and downloaded in PDF form right from the official website.

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