Cult classic Gone Home is bringing all the feels to iOS on December 11

Gone Home slayed us with its storytelling and 90s nostalgia back in 2013, and now five years later it's ready to do it again with an iOS release on December 11. "I really did not picture a future where five years later you'd be able to explore the house on Arbor Hill on a literal telephone. It's a little surreal - but I'm sure not complaining," Steve Gaynor, one of the developers at Fullbright Company, told GamesRadar+.

"I think and hope we made a story that people can identify with and relate to, regardless of how long the game has been out," he says of the game's longevity. "We tried our best to make a game about love and hope and navigating our own identity - issues that are central to all our lives in one way or another. People still talk about seeing themselves and people they know in the characters and story of Gone Home. I hope that never changes."

If you haven't tried the game yet the new release is a perfect excuse, and it really is worth the paltry $5 you'll have to pay. Lots of games can do monsters and aliens and guns, but not many totally nail the strange feeling of heading back home after time away.

"It's so strange to remember that we made this little game in the basement of the house we all rented together," says Gaynor. "Now we're like real grown-ups with an office and salaries and all that jazz. I'm so happy we were able to build Gone Home the way we did - and I'm even more happy that we're now able to bring more exciting, talented people into our process, and make things we never would've been able to otherwise."

Since Gone Home, The Fullbright company has released Tacoma, a space adventure that will also give your feels gland a pummeling. But what about a sequel to Gone Home? What would have to happen for Gone Home 2 to ever become a reality?

"My heart says, for us to live in an alternate universe where that would ever happen. My head says... never say never."

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Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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