Crytek USA to bid for Darksiders IP

Crytek USA intends to bid for the Darksiders IP when the remainder of THQ’s assets are sold off before mid-May. Headed up by former Vigil co-owner David Adams, the new Austin-based studio employs many of the core members of the Darksiders development team laid off in January when the firm failed to attract any bids during parent company THQ's initial bankruptcy auction.

Shortly after Crytek offered a new home to the ex-Vigil employees, the German firm’s CEO Cevat Yerli told GamesBeat his company wasn’t interested in working on the Darksiders series as it “doesn't fit with our strategy".

But Crytek USA boss Adams has now said on Twitter: "Going to bid on Darksiders IP. Put 7 years of heart and soul into that franchise, and I think it belongs at home with its creators." And fellow Vigil co-founder Ryan Stefanelli confirmed to Destructoid: "When the Darksiders IP goes up for auction, Crytek will be bidding for it. Not much more to say since the rest is left up to courts and legal shenanigans, but we're all excited at the prospect." We’ve approached Crytek’s European HQ for further comment.