Crysis' online problem gets a fix

Nov 20, 2007

"We just would like to let you know that we are aware of the currently occurring issues regarding playing Crysis Multiplayer online", says Crytek, in response to connectivity issues being experienced by gamers.

The developer has said "This topic has the highest priority for us now and we hope to come up with a solution as quickly as possible", in a statement sent out to the community.

"What we figured out so far already", the statement continues, "is that when you uninstall the MP Beta/SP Demo after you have installed the full version of Crysis your CD-Key might get removed accidentally. If this is the case please have a look at the workaround we provide further below. There is no guarantee that these work, but they have been helpful to many out there already".

Those workarounds can be foundhere.

Courtesy of CVG