Crysis due on November 16

EA has now confirmed that Crysis will release on November 16.

Halo 3, Gears of War (PC), Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Unreal Tournament III... the end of 2007 was already going to end with a major bang. Now EA has gone and said Crysis is due this side of Christmas.

EA's CFO Warren Jenson spilled the news during a recent financial conference call. "We are now planning to launch Crysis in early November," he said.

We're a little concerned about the use of the word "planning" because that has "Oh, it might actually not make that date" written all over it, but fingers crossed, eh?

The second PC first-person shooter from German developer Crytek is surrounded by a mass of anticipation and we've all drooled over what we've seen of the game to date.

Don't let us down Crytek, or you'll have a riot on your hands. For the latest goods, check out the trailer below and click on the Images tab above.

August 2, 2007