Crysis developer Crytek teases unannounced AAA game in job listings

(Image credit: Crytek)

Crysis and Hunt: Showdown developer Crytek is hiring for an unannounced AAA game, as multiple job listings show.

Among the dozens of job listings open at the company, nine specifically highlight the unannounced project. All of them are tied to the studio's Frankfurt, Germany location. The full list of positions includes:

  • Art director
  • Game designer
  • Senior game designer
  • Level designer
  • System designer
  • Senior system designer
  • Development director
  • Technical director
  • Gameplay programmer

Unfortunately, that's about all we can glean from these job listings. They're deliberately, understandably vague about the type of game in development. Based on Crytek's history, we can guess that it's a first-person shooter, but it's also possible the studio will pivot to a new genre for the new console generation, not unlike Guerrilla Games did with Horizon Zero Dawn. Crytek has also released games like The Climb, a first-person VR rock climbing sim, so it's not explicitly nailed to the FPS space.

Given the relative newness of this mystery project, it's safe to assume that it will be a next-gen or at most cross-gen game when it's finally released. Between the degree of roles it's hiring for and the move to consolidate at its main Frankfurt studio, it definitely feels like Crytek is putting all hands on deck for this one, so it's unlikely to be another VR offshoot like The Climb. 

Crytek's latest release is a remaster of the original Crysis, and it's coming this Friday, September 18. Perhaps we'll see a next-gen Crysis come of this mystery project. 

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