Crysis continues to amaze - updated impressions

Still, while a first-person shooter where you have powers like extra speed, strength, or camouflage isn't earth-shattering news in itself, we can confirm that all your special moves feel good, and compliment the eye-searing visuals with accessible gameplay. A simple click on your mouse wheel brings up a radial menu of your suit's powers, allowing you to switch back and forth between them on the fly. You can - for example - use your camouflage to make yourself invisible and flank the enemy, boost your speed to jump to higher ground, and rain death on your foes from above.

Above: Notice how the light shines through the leaves on this palm tree ever so slightly

With all the eye candy to oogle at in Crysis, we're confident that this title will raise the standard for realistic graphics in first-person shooters across the board. Our only concern is that we'll need to break the bank to take advantage of its undoubtedly high system requirements.

The majority of gamers who haven't upgraded their rigs in a while should be able to scale down the graphics and effects so it runs on older machines with DirectX 9 cards. Electronic Arts promises a "breathtaking FPS experience" for those who aren't using top of the line machines. But we're a bit skeptical about how good it will look on mid-end PCs. Expect more news regarding specific details on system requirements and the game's 32 player multiplayer modes in the near future. In the meantime, take a gander at thelatest screens that fail to capture the beauty of Crysis in full motion.