Creature Street is a hilariously trashy Animal Crossing parody game

(Image credit: FloTeam)

Creature Street: Population Dwindling is an Animal Crossing parody game where you're tasked with solving the grizzly murder of the town mayor, and there's almost as much blood as there are filthy jokes.

Upon booting up Creature Street, I was immediately informed that the mayor had been murdered and that it was up to me to find out whodunnit. Just like Animal Crossing, there's trash, weeds, flowing rivers, and cozy houses decorating the village. But very unlike Animal Crossing, there are also bloody shirts and murder weapons to discover. You have a journal to keep track of your interactions with villagers - er, suspects - and to document various pieces of evidence you find. I won't spoil anything, but there's a shocking scene in one building that'll leave you simultaneously laughing and shaking like the cop who came across it.

(Image credit: FloTeam)

For a free game, there's a lot to love in Creature Street, particularly if your sense of humor hasn't evolved since grade school. Penis jokes aside, some of the conversations I had with villagers were genuinely creative and had me laughing out loud. Sure it could use a fresh coat of paint and some bug-fixes (I got trapped in a room and had to restart the game at one point), but again: free. You can name-your-price and download it straight from FloTeam's page now if you please. It should only take a few minutes to pick out the culprit.

Myself, I think I need to be cleansed after Creature Street, so back to Animal Crossing: New Horizons it is.

And it sounds like plenty more are joining me, as it turns out New Horizons has the best early sales of any Switch game so far.

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